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I'm sure many vendors would find it helpful to hear from their customers. Please use this thread to say what you did and did not like about what you found in the Artist Alley.

Personally, I got sick of seeing prints everywhere fast, especially those who sold prints larger than 8x11. I don't have that much room on my wall to stick posters. I use prints to decorate the front of my binders as an insert. If vendors could sell postcard size prints or even turn their art into stickers, notebooks or book marks, that would be fantastic. Just please, nothing bigger than 8x11.

I also think artists should collect their art into one artbook and sell those. I understand that making and printing a book is expensive, both in transporting and making, so this may not happen.

Lastly, I think their should be more craft booths. I found that people who sold crafts like plushies, hair accessories and jewelry were more interesting than the booths that sold prints. They were also more approachable as people because they actually talk about how they made their products. With print booths, the problem is that some artists may inadvertently hide behind their wall of prints and make them unapproachable. As someone who works in retail, I know that if you want to make sales, you have to appear open and friendly to customers, not 'closed off' or hidden.

Tue Aug 26, 2014 2:03 am
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Hi, I was wondering if perhaps you'd ever done any artist alley yourself before. Your feedback is of course appreciated but you must understand, the small prints, such as stickers and bookmarks tend to not sell as well and don't make as much money. Most people do in fact want larger prints for their walls.

Also as for an art book, it's quite costly to put together a professional looking artbook, and and having just a book on the tanle does not attract attention. Those giant walls of prints are not made for hiding behind, they're simply the best and fastest way to attract the attention of someone who is quickly just passing by.

As for craft sellers well, nothing to be done there, people register and that's that, perhaps there simply just aren't that many either (I'm one myself). Problem with about half the craft sellers I found, is half of them either buy premade stuff and stick it together, not really making their own stuff. Those of us that do, for the most part otakuthon is not a place where I can really sell them at the proper price. My handmade plushies take about a week to make. I can't sell them at that high a price or there wouldn't be a market for them to cover that time. Prints take hours to make but you can sell so much of the same that it works out. I do crafts because of love, but it's much less worth than selling a hundred of the same print.

I'd also like to give some advice to customers to make things easier on artist alley folk.
- While generally most of us like to talk to customers and whatnot, some people don't. Some people are very introverted and shy and you must respect that. It's not a retail experience, everyone is here because they love doing it, they're utterly exhausted and tired and uncomfortable. Respect that not everyone will want to have conversations with you and don't judge them badly for it.
-Please do not stand in the middle in front of my table for a long time to talk to me either. Go off to the side, I'm more than happy to converse but you are blocking the way for other customers and other potential sales. Don't take up the whole space.
-NEVER put your bag and your stuff ON my table and ON my product. It is carefully arranged and a lot of thieves use this method to steal merchandise. It's disrespectful.
-Try not to take photos in the middle of artist alley, or stand with your giant group of friends in the middle either. The space is very tight and congested and every year there are problems with congestion and circulation.


Mon Oct 06, 2014 6:52 pm
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Ca peu s'appliqué aussi à l'allé des marchands,mais les gens qui reste planté la sans bougé(j'parle pas de ceux qui regarde les table,produit ou autre,mais vraiment ceux qui bloque)et qui bloque le chemin,nous empêchant de passé ou de regardé les produit des marchand et artiste,j'trouve ca un peu plate et très désagréable autant pour l'artiste/marchand qui s'fais caché et pour moi qui éssais de regardé
Aussi,petit tip à l'artiste,je sais que s'pas tout l'monde qui est à l'aise en publique et que beaucoup de gens sont géné,mais c'est pas en étant bête que tu va réussir à vendre,un peu de joie! ^^

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